Friday, August 26, 2011

Laundry Soap Blend .... Saving Money

My clothes have never been cleaner, better smelling and whiter than they have been in the last month. I started making my laundry soap at the beginning of the month. I started with a basic "googled" recipe and then I tweaked it to work for me and my needs.
It is super easy to make, using just 4 ingredients. Each load only uses 2-3 Tablespoons (personally, I use 3 T per load). And the best part, we are saving tons of money.
I used to spend $15.99 on tide, plus whatever the large downy costs $6.+ every week.

Since I have started making our own Laundry Soap Blend, we have spent $10.00 (with still enough to make more soap) and this expense included unscented dryer sheets (for static cling).

By using our Own Laundry Soap Blend, we have not only improved the way our clothes smell and feel, but we are also saving money and we actually know what is in our laundry product. Don't wait!! Start seeing results in your clothing and your budget ... Make your own Laundry Soap Blend today!!

Country FarmHouse Blessings,
       ~*♥*~  Lori  ~*♥*~


LisaAnn said...

Lori if you use plain white vinegar in the rinse (or your old downy ball lol) you will not need the dryer sheets anymore! No, it does not scent the laundry :)

Effies Attic said...

Lori~ will you share the recipe~ it sounds awesome!

kutina jordan said...

Please tell us how to make it Lori : )

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

I love using my homemade laundry soap -- no turning back for me :)


P.S. Be sure to scoot over and get entered in for my giveaway :)

Lori - Country FarmHouse Mama said...

@LisaAnn - I need the dryer sheets for static cling - it gets cold here in Northern IL and the blankets just wouldn't survive *laughing*

The recipe was just posted. Have Fun and Enjoy saving money. ~Lori

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