Monday, November 1, 2010

Every Country Girl Needs...

Her Own Transportation

Everyone wants to know "Who's Nelli?" Here's my story....I have been driving a minivan for so many years that I was forgot what else is out there. I have always wanted a Yukon Denali (well for the last 2 years anyways). So one day last Spring, we went looking for a Yukon Denali. We were originally looking at a red Yukon Denali, but didn't really like it. My favorite color in trucks is BLACK so...

There sitting two cars down from the red one was a BLACK Yukon Denali XL - fully loaded. It has everything - Navigation, Heated Lumbar Seats, XM Radio, Power Sunroof, DVD entertainment system (we need something to occupy the tween when we are traveling) and so much more! Same price as the red one...hmm didn't take much to convince us to purchase this one.

Later that night, we were talking and hubby wanted to know what I was going to call it. After all, it's not a minivan, or a car, or a what to call it? SUV just seems like such a long name. I decided to call her "Nelli" - so much better than saying - go get in the vehicle or that thing in the driveway :-)!

So Meet NELLI....


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